One-Way Exclusion Device: Remove the Rodent Without Trapping Them

One-way exclusion doors are designed to allow the Clarksville animals to leave the area on their own accord but will prevent them from returning. Some of the exclusion device that are available in the market will come with wings. This will enable you to connect the device conveniently directly on the access point of the rodent. It features a one-way door where the animal can easily exit. If you installed the device appropriately, this will be an effective solution against a full-blown rodent infestation.

A Complete Guide on Installing One-Way Exclusion Device
Most of the Tennessee rodent infestation will be caused by a damage in the structure. You will be able to discover them through a regular inspection on your building. Installing the exclusion device will also begin with a thorough inspection.

Inspecting for Clarksville Rodent Holes
Prepare a pen and a clipboard where you can record the findings during the inspection. You may also need a flashlight or a headlamp when inspecting the dark and obscure areas of the home. Illuminating the area can help you identify the sign of their presence and find out the breach in the integrity of the structure. Start on the exterior of the building. You may need a ladder to reach the high areas of your home. You should also take a picture of the holes and damages to better document the minutes of your inspection. In case you notice an active infestation on a specific room, you might want to concentrate your efforts there.

Sealing the Holes
After you have identified all the holes in your house, it is time to seal them. Be sure that the materials that you will use can withstand the persistent chewing of the rodents. Caulking device can be used to seal the gaps in our siding and window frame. Avoid using expanding foam in sealing the holes in your walls. The rodents can easily chew and tear these materials. Instead, use a hardware cloth or a wire mesh to block the entry points of these rodents.

Installing the Exclusion Device
Leave one entry point open where you will install the exclusion door. By noticing some signs, you will be able to determine the main entry point of the rodent. There should be some rub marks or dropping close to the hole. When installing the device, follow the instruction of the manufacturer carefully. This is essential to guarantee that the device will work perfectly.

Observe the Signs of Active Infestation
You should not immediately remove the exclusion device. You need to make sure that the infestation has been eliminated before you remove it. You may lay old newspapers on the floor. In case you notice that there are fresh droppings on the newspaper, this means that you are not successful in excluding the animal. It is possible that you have missed a hole in your house.

If you find the installation process too complex, the professional removal company will be willing to assist you in this matter. Simply call them and inquire about their services.

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